O.K. Cupid, now what?

Not sure what I am doing but I’ve now dabbled in on-line dating. Again, I don’t know what compelled me to do this. Is this what girls in my situation do? Then again what is my situation? The questions I was forced to answer in all honesty didn’t seem like it could match me up with someone who would ever be “boyfriend material.” I don’t think I was looking for a boyfriend either, I was just curious if there was anyone hiding. There was an option for casual sex, and I must say I was very interested to just say fuck it, literally.

i was only been a member for about 1.5 days now and already a friend that contacted me through the site. This happens to be the number one reason why I am not on there anymore.

I came back to So. Cal to try and pick up the pieces. In the time being of my unemployment I do need to be entertained, hence the site, yet when a friend who you know “has issues in the dating world” is on the same site, and is one of your matches, it’s a universal wake up call to stop. Once I stopped turning red, I made myself a cosmo and sat at my desk with both hands on my face. Cosmos from a bottle aren’t what they use to be and I went to straight Vodka shots to wake me up.

It was rather sad to open up one of my messages that said, “welcome to my sad life.” I blame myself, because I’m back home now, I would run into someone like this, not like in San Francisco. No one knew me, minus my new friends, and I ever so loved that. I was just another face on the bus. My friend who was on the site seemed very surprised I was even on there. I’m not sure what that meant, I can lean towards a compliment but I wouldn’t take it. I was embarrassed as hell that I was reduced to a computer telling me who is a likely candidate for me to have sex with.

Although I must say I did meet like two very nice, “chill,” guys whom I felt bad after I disabled my account due to embarrassment. Once again, this was just another scratch I needed to itch and the thrill is over. On-line dating isn’t something that should be looked down upon either, my mother is a big fan of that, it’s just not for me. I’m more of a “feeling the sparks” kinda gal. I need to see the person and the drunk butterflies that fill me up. It’s hard through a phone screen.

The guys who messaged me really didn’t have much to say if I may add. What has happened to the pick-up lines of the modern age? Don’t just say “sup” to me and expect me to send you my dripping panties, no sir! I also got really cheesy lines, such as: ” Am I in heaven, because you must be an angel?” “stand in front of a mirror with 12 roses and you will see 13 of the most beautiful things” “what is a rare beauty like yourself doing here?” “hey sexy” and my favorite, “what do you call a fake noodle?” I wasn’t that curious to find out. That seemed like a sad way to distract someone from a small penis.

if I could offer any advice to young gentlemen and women who are on-line dating, please, please do not have your user name be “picachu, bigdawg” or some clever name with ‘cum’ or 69 in it. It’s not cute, it’s not funny. It’s just sad. Do not embarrass yourself and do not vomit out cheesy cliché lines. If a girl is on there, it’s for a reason. Do not be another reason why she gets off.

Ok, Cupid, I’m doing it my way.

Off to the bars I go!

Has anyone tried on-line dating and liked it? Didn’t like it? What are your thoughts on it?


2 thoughts on “O.K. Cupid, now what?

  1. missaprilshowers says:

    I’ve been online dating on and off for several years now, and I really, really rate it.

    At it’s best it can bring you into contact with some good people, have the occasional great date, and be an interesting social experiment. At worst, it’s just a bit dull.

    If you’re ready to laugh at the idiots and not be too bothered by them, it’s the best.

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