The best snack with a beer, is a small helping of spite

Truly, the best form of motivation to success has got to be spite. I highly encourage people to become spiteful towards one another. I’m sure the great leaders, innovators, inventors, and go-getters of the world owe it all to spite. It wasn’t positive thinking, hard work, dedication or a good mind. It was spite.

Spite ignites people to want to do great things America. Who am I to deprive people of bettering themselves? With this, the people who I have done actions owed to spite should really be thanking me. They were momentarily apart of my life, important for a brief period of time and apart of something great.

I am friends with someone on Facebook, still, due to spite. When I’m sober I want to delete her so bad, but we’re friends, due to spite. If she bothers me, I am certain I bother her 10x more and this taste of satisfaction makes it all worth it in the end and I celebrate with a drink.

My mother is working out so she could post her insanely hot milf body all over Facebook so my fat fathers side of the family could “accidentally” see it when they spy on her and want to kill her. This jealousy feeds my mother and encourages her to keep working out. That and along with my fathers new girlfriend, who is also fat and also spies, it’s a bonus. It runs in the family I suppose. I come from a long line of motivators and spiteful people. I was probably conceived out of spite.

This is the enlightened era of spite. Get it and run with it people, because in a world of negative hang ups it’s rare and hard to find a balance of positivity. My irish coffee insists it’s spite.

Here is my good message of the day and wishing well to all.

Cheers mate!


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