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Dine and not dash

We got drunk in one bar and danced the night away. Not caring about anything, not talking about men. We both didn’t know where we were going to end up, or for the most part live. There was a struggle but mutual determination in us finding a place together so I didn’t have to move. That night though, we didn’t speak of it. We just drank. We drank too much and we danced with guys who saw a chance to pick off some weaklings from the heard. It was all a show. We knew what we could do. By the end of the night I’m talking to a guy who is sweet and respectful and thinks that we have a chance. Thinks that we will talk after he buys me a beer and after the dance is over. I fall over laughing but pick myself up. I swear to the world that the ground is uneven. Surprisingly a small asian man agrees with my logic.

It’s done and we are done dancing. I give the hopeful my number but don’t even advance on him. Cute and young that he is, he’s too gentle for me to break. I leave it as to not kill the buzz.

We are lost. We are drunk. By a miracle we make it to a diner to sober up. Our phones are dying. At the moment we don’t have a care in the world. I make two bathroom visits and try to clean up.

Drunk Pumpkin

Drunk Pumpkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then for some odd reason we decide we should dine and dash. We should also announce this very loud as we order our breakfast. Both being drunk we mumble out some plan. She leaves first. I can’t see. She almost falls. It’s the smoothest attempt from a blurred vision and I’m left holding the gun. Everyone knows. I see smiles on the faces I can make out and I try to casually walk out with some  dignity, my purse in my hand, because I am a lady.”Ma’am,ma’am!!!.. I told you. I told you get her!”

An arm I don’t know. Mumbles I don’t like.

I refuse to be accused of running out, which is true, and had no other choice. I say she left the bill there but the alcohol’s sweet lure has left me handicapped. I slip her a bill and she releases me. I hear the smiles on the sad attempt of our first dine and dash.

Two drunk, phone less girls. I lose her. She loses me. She went left, I went straight. She goes back to the scene of the crime, I end up in a taxi.

Off my list but adding another one to it.

“dine and dash attempt #2”

Hopefully it’ll be better than this.


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