Optimistic Drunk

I drink for us! – Optimism at the end of a Pina Colada

I wish everyone an almost merry christmas, holiday, festivus, and other winter time greetings!

I am playing bartender at the moment and am on my third pina colada, after taking shots and making mixed drinks for my family. Sadly, I am the only one who can make something presentable with a blender and ice. It’s a gift and a curse.

English: Pina Colada

With the events that have happened this week, mostly with dumbass guys and life spitting me out, I am still smiling.

I now have lots of alcohol because my friends know how to give gifts.

I also noticed that my pina coladas have brought my dysfunctional family closer momentarily.

My mom is flying, after one drink, and has started to sing in spanish while going into deep thought. She’s more hispanic than I so the part that comes out while she drinks is in a form of an accent. My sister sticks to some ready made foo foo drinks, which is a step up from her Smirnoff fee fee drinks (we’ve all drank these, but I think of these as training wheels). She’s happy though, and since my arrival we haven’t really talked and it brings me joy to find us slurring in our speech and at least sitting at the same table.

Yes, this is sad that only on said holidays we come together, but I come from a family that does not know how to show emotions at all. It kills us to say sorry, it kills us to say thank you. We’re a little rough around the edges but my drinks are exposing the gooey side.

Even my cats are getting along with the nazi dog…longer than before, and they still hiss, but I appreciate the effort.

I’m ok with being a little sticky…

ha ha, that’s what she said…

There is no point to this post at all then to wish everyone a little joy, because from all the sarcastic shit I read, everyone’s life sucks, according to them.

So, I drink for all of you, for all the shit you’re going through right now with those awkward family members that you see once a year, to the friends that make those rare appearances, when your car takes a shit, when you have bad diarrhea, when he rejects you, when she breaks up with you, when you lose a large amount at Vegas, or win a lot but have loan sharks after you so you keep it a secret, when a bird shits on you, or when you get caught shitting on a bird, and when you make a complete ass out of yourself and you take the time to write it here and share it with the world.

I drink for you, for me, for all of us. Just trying to figure out what to do next.

Take a sip and enjoy living.

Merry Festivus!






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