There’s an acoustic guitar in the background and I am in deep thought : Coming out as Indie

You know your life is an indie movie when: 1) there’s way too much acoustic guitars playing behind you, or in your head,2) this is followed up by a long shot of you thinking and staring off into space and 3) you have a self changing moment within the span of one song compared to non-indie folks who take years.

This occurred to me as I was watching “happy thank you more please.” With the actor Josh Radnor, who plays Ted Mosby in one of my favorite shows, “How I met your mother.” I mention all of this just so if you do watch the show and know the character you can completely imagine how the movie is.
I can admit to it being extremely indie but this is my secret pleasure watching these movies because I am in fact Ted Mosby, which I believe is a similar character that Radnor plays in the film.
I have been with this theory of myself being Ted Mosby  for a long time and watching that movie of typical young adults trying to find themselves with acoustic songs confirmed it.
My life is an indie movie.
I have went from Lisa Simpson, in and out of crazy cat lady, momentarily Al Bundy, and now, now I dub myself Ted Mosby.
And as I’m in pain from my attempted work out staring at the ceiling, typing my thoughts from an askewed angle, I am ok with this.

Being Ted Mosby allowed myself to be ok with my nerd like habits and odd style sense, all while analyzing life mostly at a bar. I’ve come out of the Indie closet and it feels fantastic! And watching the movie was like being part of a support group. I’m giddy with glee.

yes, I just admitted to being Indie, it’s who I am.

indie Now that I’m out I just hope that I don’t fail, because once you’re out and admit things, all eyes on you. I hope there isn’t a certain indie standard I am not up to code with it.  Oh no, that’s being a hipster, completely different.


Josh Radnor if you read this I believe we can be indie together…think about it. There could be another show called “How I met an indie girl blogger and she may be stalking me.” Gold I say, gold.



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