Happy I Exist Day, To Me!

I exist! It’s my official fake birthday. More than a couple of decades later someone noticed a mistake on my birthday. Then I couldn’t find my birth certificate, I couldn’t get an available notary to order the certificate, on top of just moving back and living on a couch, unemployed and lost. That time was horrible for me, and it was only a month ago. I seriously thought I was adopted and more than sure I was fully arabic and my mom stole me from a muslim family (my nose is too big for my family). I had my mom call my grandma to make sure she was in the hospital in June, not August. Once can say I had a bad identity crisis.

Finally my birth certificate came in yesterday and today I stood in line proving my existence. I am a hispanic, arabic hybrid and it feels lovely to be in the system now, even though Uncle Sam still owes me money! Geeze. Maybe this was a setup so I wouldn’t get my money…hmm. I digress.

With in 24 hours, tomorrow around 10 a.m., I, Jane Weirdlastname, exist. Thus, I am proclaiming today and tomorrow my birthdays.

I always hated my birthday due to the string of bad luck that occurs every year, but come around June, I will be the happiest and drunk person celebrating it.

This year has started off by wiping my state clean by all means. Location, housing, jobs, education, relationships, and government documents. I even broke my yearly cycle of chopping off my hair and bleaching it or dying it some odd color in search of being new. My hair is now long and naturally a dark brunette shade, with a few traces of bleach exposed on the tips that I need to cut off.

I always wanted to start over but still had haunting “ghosts” linger. I changed the wrong things. I’ll talk about the ghosts later.

With it all gone, all is left is my natural 100% self.

cliché- I was looking for myself.

Menage A Trois wine to my left and paper with scribbles to my right.

Ah, I exist.


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