Optimistic Drunk, Sex and Ex

I am buzzed…and I have stuff to say, it might be wise. Stay Tuned.

I was waiting till it was 12 so it could be socially acceptable for me to go outside, get a tan while drinking. It is now almost 3 and I am slightly buzzed and my legs are red. Still no tan. I suck. The red began to fade and I think, if possible, I came back whiter.

I just paid my phone for the last time because I am officially broke, but it’s ok…because I have a lot of alcohol and I’m positive. …when I’m bored and want to be.

Diving in further, two days ago I slept with my ex…and had sex. Not at the same time though.

Yeah, ….

…what can I say?

This is a big deal for me because this was a big ex, a big person, someone I lived with and whom I’m trying to keep as a cool best friend, like from a television sitcom. Yet, this isn’t television.

So many sides on hoe how (I’m buzzed) ex’s cannot be friends. On how anybody can’t really stay “friends” when you throw sex in it.

Usually I would be over analyzing the shit out of this. What was said. How he looked me in the eyes and kissed my forehead out of all the things. Or better yet how he “coincidentally” had blankets so we could lay down in the back of the truck, on top of a canyon, watching all the stars. Then how we just slept because we both knew we missed holding each other. Not today, I’m not thinking about this any further.

I will tell you though that having sex in back of a truck looking at stars is romantic. I will also tell you how having sex in back of a truck, at 1 a.m. in the canyons while visitors/campers are parked besides you taking a piss is not romantic. It’s a cock blocker that’s what it is. It’s also cold as hell. My poor vagina almost got frost bite waiting for those people to leave. This of course only happens to me, last time a cop saw my left breast about 3 years ago, with the same guy as well.

The sounds of piss lulling you in as you try to tune it out and focus on the lust at hand is very hard. Especially when they start hacking out a lung and decide it will be cool to set up camp right next to an “abandoned” truck and play techno music. Msk MSK Msk

How can people be so stupid and rude. Back in the day when you see a car in the middle of nowhere and blankets, you let the fine people enjoy their love-making and go somewhere else. Out of all the damn mountains and random secluded places to pee? I’m just saying…rude!

I will think how my sister is royally pissed at me because I don’t want to see the house she is looking at. I don’t want to be the reason she is not living her life, nor do I want to be an extra bag of luggage miles away when I finally decided to be stable here.

No, I thought about it for a while but it passed, I just needed to share this with you fine people.

Tomorrow is what optimists look forward to, and the dubbed pessimistic fools look at yesterday, so who is looking at today?

The buzzed Jane, that’s who. It’s a lovely day in the sun, a lovely day anywhere to just be alive and get to tell your story.

Have a great day everyone and let today be the day where you don’t give a flying rat’s ass about anything.

squarepants I agree Mr. Squarepants…I agree.


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