Word Vomit

Dr. Seuss on a couch

The drug dealers are working. The helicopter whirls around my head. The wind is freezing, my one blanket will leave me dead. My couch for a bed is uncomfortable and slanted. I sink in and twitch between the cushions. I claw at myself every five minutes due to a horrible itch. The ants crawl through the window and probably on my unconscious body. The monsters keep me up and my zombies haunt me softly. Its dark and I’m alone. My whole body is now numb. I fell asleep on my limbs. I now think I lost my phone. The passing cars are louder in my head and I hear thunder up ahead.


I am happy because I am now employed and filled with joy.


…zombies, monsters, and ants…suck it!

P.S. I started drinking :]


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