Reality hurts

I tie my purple laces. My socks don’t match, but I don’t mind. I slip on my black shorts, sports bra, and my “the cure” t-shirt that I stole from my ex.

I’m ready to go.

The music plays louder and the drums match the pounding of my feet. Gardeners’ whistling and occasional obscene comments disappear. Old ladies meeting at the corner talking about the other old ladies become a blur. And the old Filipino man who always waves and cheers me on doesn’t resurface.

Daily Show Theme Music

Jon Stewart: my next guest tonight just recently published her first book and did a lot of other cool stuff in a short amount of time, please welcome Jane Weirdlastname.

Theme music. applause

jane: wow, pleasure to be here Jon. just, wow you don’t know how much of a fan I am of yours.

jon: why thank you Jane. OK so lets talk about the book. it’s great. it’s not just the fantasy, science fiction part that gets me; it’s the style, or let me put how you wrote it..just..well written really.

courtesy smile. mild blushing.

Jane: thank you. um it wasn’t easy. I wrote about 5 different versions, each written in a different view. you know I drank, crossed my line of sanity. usual daily procedures, just pretty much documented it. laughs

social laugh

Jon: well, that’s what different about it. we can read the taste of booze…yadda yadda yadda

Jane:  haha, yadda yadda “ahh” yadda yadda my mom

Jon: laughing yadda yadda?!

Jane: no! yadda ya-da

Jon: yadda Jane?


Me and Jon. I swear I was there

Me and Jon. I swear I was there

Ugh. I am walking home now. My head is down. I ran into a huge palm tree that I seemed to have miscalculated its distance due to daydreaming…publicly.

Reality Hurts.


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