Korean Orgasm Drama

She hated her dad, hated how life ended up. Worked her ass off and helped put her younger brother into school. Her life on hold but only with pride continued her education to succeed.She lied about her father, because of this anger, and said he was dead, to get married, to escape. To live a lie. For 3 years she didn’t know how her lie would affect everyone, how everyone is connected and the doom she was living in.  Finally when the lie seeped out and the worst of the worst was to come she eventually made peace. With a wonderful man still by her side, and her only brother to help her heavy head,  only one two were left,  herself and her father. As she’s making peace, and all is said, he falls ill…and is on the verge of death.

No, this isn’t my life. I’m really into a Korean drama show that has consumed my life and I watch every night on-line. I just finished on of the last episodes where of course it looks like her father is about to die in the hospital as he’s saying sorry. Of course!

my daughter seoyoung

I cried a little.

I tried the next episode but sadly the subtitles aren’t available and I haven’t learned Korean yet.

By the way, I’m taking a Korean class this summer.

I also may have cut my bangs like the main character and occasionally I throw out some words in conversations with my friends.

The resemblance is uncanny.

The resemblance is uncanny.

This is slightly embarrassing but I’m getting over it. At first when someone would find me at odd hours of the night with the laptop, I would just yell out I’m watching porn. Then my brother started to find pictures. A Korean man, randomly posing for Esquire or Bazaar magazine. I was caught.

I found out that I am also attracted to Koreans.

Her husband, or ex, is by far the hottest Asian ever. I didn’t know I had some Korean fever in me, but hey a first for everything.

lee sang yoon

Where can I find one? A hot one. A smart, funny, gorgeous sweet Korean who will love me no matter how many lies I tell and if I used birth control pills to avoid having a baby with him because I knew one day all my lies would hit the ceiling fan, and tell him to his face I never loved him, all while he stays to protect me and buy me coffee?

Call me old-fashioned, but things have changed these days.

..and this my friends, is my guilty pleasure. Worse than porn? I’m not sure. The end result is the same though.



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