How I Met Jane

The best revenge is not success, but Gonorrhea.

Perception and stories are often left askew-ed as they’re passed around your eyes or ears.

For me, someone is always talking about me. At first, and obviously,  it irritated me. The same ol same ol of how I don’t know what I want and sadly by some “friends” the term slut may have been thrown around.

Now, it doesn’t bother me. If someone is so caught up in my life it says a lot about theirs that I’m that important to them. Which makes me now at this point not willing to clear anything up. At the end of the day, I know who I am, where I’ve come from and what I’ve done.

I’ve also noticed that guys think just because a girl is “open” in what she talks about, say sex, or anything in that subject, that they must want it, they must like it, and of course, that they are a slut.

This sums up myself.

…and maybe leads to a confession to myself.

Friday, I finally hung out with my friends. One who already has a child and soon to be wife, and the other who has always been there. It was a relief to have these two people and despite it all there we were, eating wings and fried pickles, which by the way are very delicious.

In the midst of all of this he told me that a certain friend who I don’t talk to anymore got Gonorrhea. Not from a strange girl, but from a mutual friend’s ex, and then that same girl went to the mutual friend(her ex) and continued with the lovely surprise. Minus the “eww” factor, it was basically like the two dudes had sex and gave each other the clap.

My opinion on them is a different story, with the only relief that I’m glad I left those people behind. They seriously need to grow up (and use condoms).

Why is my friend’s STD so important?

That was the “friend” who I, err, encountered with at a drunken party in December.

I only know the real story. Through the drunken stage, I was tired, and I just wanted it to be over with. Thinking back, I believe at that party it was all planned. The bitch who left me there, the idiots who tried to get fresh, because hey, I like it right,this is what “I do.”

Those scumbags will all get an STD, believe me.

It starts off with one, then three.

The other “mutual friend” was someone else who messed with me, or assumed I would like some, when he tried to make a pass at me 2 years ago and then insulted me by saying all Arabic have uni-brows (he should talk, he looked like a future pedophile).

And the girl…well I just didn’t like her fat ass.

So, to end this story, everything comes around, that goes around. Watch your judgements on a person, and your actions, or you will get gonorrhea.



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