The Change

Epiphany through a butt cheek

I went to fetch the vacuum yesterday and accidentally walked in on my brother’s happy time and noticed a small boner emerging.

After I slowly walked out and poured hand sanitizer in my eyes to erase this vision, I realized time is moving, I am growing older.

My younger brother, whom is almost a decade younger than myself, is at the point of pitching home-made tents.

When did this happen?

I digress.

I walk around the house because…well I’m not sure why, I take it I had nothing better to do and no life, and notice how my older sister comes out of her room. I tried not to be silly about this, but for a week and a half my ex was living with me and my family. I know my sister, but sometimes I feel like  mentally yelling at her isn’t enough.

It’s been hot these past days. So, as usual, she comes out in shorts that are the size of underwear and tank tops that act as a second skin. OK, so I see a little butt cheek, no bother. Then, in the morning, she comes out in a night-gown, that once again goes as far as an underwear, and has no bra underneath. I see her small boobs through the little mermaid’s face and cringe.

Again, I’m trying not to be silly.

As my anger grows I buy a huge bag of hot Cheetos.

She floats in the room, butt cheeks and nipples in the air, as I scarf down each puff.

What happened to the good ol days where she was fat and dark and I was skinny?

Must’ve gone and came back with my brother’s boner.

Time went by and my bag was empty. Not only did I discover I was old yesterday, but fat as well.

I let this go when I went to kKnott’s Berry Farm last week and bought ice-cream. Next to the ice-cream stand, was a scale. Why? Because ice-cream people at Knott’s are some sick, sick, bad people who feed off of low self-esteems.

Naturally, I placed a quarter in.

I gained 10 lbs. I now weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life.

I cried with the spoon in my mouth as my ex tried to calm me down.

This resurfaced yesterday when I stared at my sister’s right butt cheek.

Time is moving and so will I whether I like it or not. Thanks to my sister’s butt and brother’s boner I know what I must do!

Work out and start eating right.

Also, knock before entering any room.





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