LIfe Journey


There’s an adoration

that’s waiting to be born

I’m killing time, while we draw our lines

and hypocrisy and jealously consumes my present being

I laugh it off in his arms

and remind myself that this is good for me

and I over think all the possibilities

and reasons for his charm

I lay awake in his bed with words I wrote for you

my quiet preconceived thoughts of you

the highly anticipated, deceitful screw

and the lines get wider as time pushes them apart

I’m holding on to memories, oh I wish I was at the start

and I dial for your voice but hear her questioning mine

hypocrisy and jealously now lead me to spite

and I’ll run, and I’ll run again

my adoration already lost her moon

and I’ll run, and I’ll run

…to forget you

and we keep hiding the inevitable with old, “I love you’s”

and we keep hurting to erase one another

I scratch at every pore to scrape my imperfections

I try to seek the new

dirty fingernails hold our secrets,

hush salty lips impressed in time

if you stay, if you stay, don’t go away, if I stay, it will pay off soon


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