I’m sitting outside enjoying the last of my rum staring at my farm of cats. They were plotting to kill me, due to the lack of food. I only own 2. Not sure how the additional 5-7 extras came into the picture. This morning they weren’t pleased with my leftovers of chicken and spaghetti, and ate it out of spite.
They now have food.
Its a nice day in Southern California. I forgot how warm the winters could be. Weather like this always gets to me. It makes me enjoy the day but I think more.
Another season passed, the days are changing, and all I can think about is tomorrow. Hypocritical to everything I preach.
Tomorrow scares me more than today.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. RainyWriter says:

    I have dogs … and instead of plotting to kill me and the wife for food … they just make everyone who visits think we starve them. 🙂

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