The List

  • Sing in karaoke bar
  • sing well in karaoke bar
  • go back to san francisco
  • lose tiny beer belly
  • drink for a whole 24 hours
  • try to understand why I fear pregnant women
  • get in a bar fight
  • try on-line dating
  • blog everyday
  • make a living off of blogging
  • meet Jon Stewart
  • go to New York
  • publish book
  • ride a horse
  • make my booty clap
  • try a tampon
  • get a bikini wax
  • eat a salad for a week for at least one meal (i hate salads)
  • run more- at least 60 miles a month
  • tell people off
  • go back to school
  • become a well known creative writer
  • tell a guy on the street that he’s hot, attractive, and/or beautiful
  • ask a stranger for his number
  • make a dramatic scene publicly
  • have a random, dumb, YouTube video
  • walk around pantless
  • walk in front of people, pantless
  • participate in a nude beach
  • dine n’dash attempt #1
  • dine n dash attempt #2
  • surf
  • learn to swim before surfing
  • walk my cat on a street
  • have a crazy one night stand
  • volunteer against suicide
  • get a tattoo
  • believe in myself
  • become more emotionally involved
  • grow out hair
  • cut off hair
  • go skydiving
  • meet Paul McCartney
  • stalk, I mean meet, Brandon Boyd again
  • allow myself to love
  • be loved by almond

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